Elixir Wealth Advisory Privacy Statement


Elixir Wealth Advisory understands the importance you attach to your personal information and are committed to protecting your privacy with the strictest confidentiality. 

All Elixir Wealth Advisory staff and associates adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles and seek to apply consistent privacy practices. This Privacy Statement outlines what personal information is required by persons authorised by our firm and also establishes how this information is handled.

Elixir Wealth Advisory is a prestigious and exclusive Wealth Management Practice registered in Australia and operates from Melbourne. Our Directors, professional advisers, associates and authorised persons of this organisation will not disclose your personal information to any non-related third party or individual(s) inside and outside of Australia.

Elixir Wealth Advisory strictly condemns providing your information to any marketing organisations and proactively protects and safe-guards your information and prohibits any of these organisations to obtain or access this information in any shape or form. You may request access to information held by us about you and or any other financial services within Australia by contacting us at any time.

In order to manage and administer services, it may be necessary for us to disclose your personal information to certain third parties within Australia. Unless you consent to this disclosure this will never occur. You are always fully informed at our practice. The types of organisations to whom we may disclose your personal information include:

  • Financial institutions for the provision of financial products such as mortgages, investments, superannuation and life insurance;  Your adviser(s) for the purpose of managing your financial products;
  • Organisations undertaking compliance reviews of our members or reviews of the accuracy and completeness of our information;
  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission);
  • Government regulatory bodies as required in order for us to meet our legislative obligations; and
  • Associated entities where you are a client of both entities to the extent that such sharing is relevant to the service being provided. Details of the associated entity will be provided in the FSG or Credit Guide.

We will only disclose your personal information to these organisations to enable them to undertake specified management and administration services. Elixir Wealth Advisory will not disclose your information for any other purpose unless requested by you. Where you wish to authorise any other parties to act on your behalf, to receive information and/or undertake transactions, please notify us in writing. In these circumstances your signatory grant of personal nominees or certified copies of documents such as powers of attorneys may be required and examined.

Ethical Use of Technology 

Elixir Wealth Advisory uses a sophisticated email system calibrated on highly secured and exceptionally encrypted servers and hosting systems. All our emails are monitored, managed and run on specified machines.

All devices within Elixir Wealth Advisory practice are mandated to be operated under strict pass-code protection with minimum standards of complexity and number of characters. All mobile or tablet devices used by members of Elixir Wealth Advisory are powered by bio-metric authentication access by the advisers only and multi-factor mobile security and operated on highly renowned carriers within Australia.

We despise the conduct the of purported organisations that classify themselves as “boutique” practices, by transmitting cookies on your browser to gather your computer connection IP and information. This triggers the annoying advertisement banners on your browser and it is an oversight within grey privacy law area.

This represents the behaviour of production lines, distribution channels and banks which we are daunted by. If you are visiting a website of an organisation and a Live Chat box appears, you are speaking with someone in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam or the Philippines.

How We Store Your Information

The digital information gathered by Elixir Wealth Advisory are administered, cached and shielded on the world’s most impregnable cloud computing system powered by Microsoft©.

Authorised staff of Elixir Wealth Advisory are not permitted to use their personal electronic devices such as laptops to run, manage or administer any work-related tasks and access your personal information stored on a highly secured hub.

Our offices are located within reputable commercial buildings in business district locations throughout Australian cities and are managed and guarded by programmed access cards only issued to employed staff by Elixir Wealth Advisory.

Communication Étiquette 

Elixir Wealth Advisory and its advisers carry out and maintain fine sense of dignity, class and courtesy. We do not telephone our dear clients at a late hour, unless under emergency circumstances. We are highly respectful and conscious of your schedule and warmly accommodate your convenience. Politeness and mannerism delineates our comportment.

A good practice will never intrude.

Our group of advisers have strong belief in being available for you. Our emails are not managed by our personal assistants or practice manager. Your questions and queries are not responded by machines or holding responses.

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