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An experience designed for clear thinking.          


A fully coherent financial services practice and a special affinity with medical professionals.

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Meeting with us starts with one objective – how can we can manage your Tax & Wealth needs to its fullest extent.

Our board of advisers in Taxation, Debt, Wealth & Risk Management and Investments will be available to attend to your objectives from the very first meeting. We firmly believe in the approach of viewing your full financial picture so that it can be examined with greater comprehension and clarity. We seek to ensure that your tax position is addressed, your investments objectives are in conformity with borrowing and there are adequate measures in place to manage all risks. This allows us to form opinions that are orderly, coherent and intelligible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                E Process


The discussions with you are in full confidence with respect to privacy. We will warmly accommodate the meetings at your convenience. Our
understanding is that your time is precious and we respect and honour that – generally our meetings are held in a relaxed manner.

The advice that we produce is often at the forefront of human intellectual property. The engagement meeting is designed with a purpose derived from our simple business philosophy – for us to demonstrate value. We work through the process of discovering what’s most important to you and formulate strategic and researched opinions with only one agenda in mind – your true well-being.


Suite of professional services:                               

 Our services

Value. A tiered pricing structure. 

The very foundation of our existence serves the belief and understanding that we will only engage with you where we can add value.

At Elixir Wealth Advisory, value to us is measurable, quantifiable and defined – a coherent and soundly judged advice should not come at an exorbitant price. In majority of cases, we will be able to further minimise your tax burden, free your time and grow your wealth. Our fees are highly competitive – we will work out a solution to lower your out of pocket fees with your cash-flow in mind.

The results that we achieve for our clients are measurable; in dollar terms.

We do not quote our clients a blanketed monthly or annual retainers or charge any cost to you for simply meeting with us. Each situation varies based on client personal circumstances, so please reach us to know more.


The concierge promise. 

Elixir Wealth Advisory is a progress firm in practice. It is our priority and preference to personally meet with you. It is an opportunity for you to meet us – to know us – measure our merits, abilities, characters and calibers for engaging our specialty and to entrust us with one of the most important aspect of your life, your finances. However, should this not be possible or convenient, we can engage with you via technology mediums.

We believe in relationships and relationships are everything.

What you will feel at this practice is unparalleled engagement and a proposition of respect. We have assembled an offering where we brought in the most excellent details and structured a model, which is consultative, pro-active and scale-able. We have redefined the boutique service and a stewardship next to none. [engage us]

We believe, we have an exclusive perspective to the way business is done. The etiquette at Elixir Wealth Advisory is always professional, fully considerate, accountable, transparent and respectful.


A culture crafted beyond ordinary. 

Integrity is the core of everything that we do. Many firms carry their operations by outsourcing your most private and highly sensitive information to third world countries. We despise and never deploy this practice. It is our utmost belief what has been entrusted by you to us, is hand-crafted and secure at all times.

Advisers of this firm will personally partners with you to advance and achieve your financial aspirations from now until succession plans take place.

We gathered the best people with world-class wealth management expertise to bring you a high-touch practice. [meet with us]

Please also visit our Philosophy page for further information on how we do business and for more information on Elixir Wealth Advisory.

Elixir Wealth Advisory Key Features Brochure

Elixir Wealth Advisory Full Brochure 2016

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