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The perfect plan always starts with an end in mind 

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about you. Elixir Wealth Advisory’s Wealth & Risk Management division provides full medical financial services to support your and your family’s financial wellbeing by prioritising and enacting upon tax efficient wealth and protection plans to ensure that your directives are seamlessly met. Having a good plan is never enough. It is essential to include the protection of your income and assets along the way. This is the very reason in our view, that the structuring of your financial affairs is paramount. Our team of specialist Tax, Credit, Wealth and Investment advisers will engage you in a consultative manner to form the optimal outcome achievable [more…]

List of Services:


Consulting, Strategy & Advice                               

Fountain-50 Wealth Creation

Sail Boat Filled-50

Retirement Planning



Gold Bars-50

Superannuation & SMSF

Statistics-52 Investments Analytics & Research 


Pie Chart-52

Financial Analysis



Tax Minimisation

Umbrella Filled-50

Personal Risk Protection 


Estate Planning


Financial Education & Coaching





The Importance of Investments

Elixir Wealth Advisory prides itself as being one of the very limited or perhaps the only boutique wealth management firm with an in-house investment research and analytics capability. Our recommendations are backed by thoughtful research and analysis of all asset classes and investment ideology. We make sure that every dollar of your investment capital is put to the most efficient use. When forming recommendations, we will also thoroughly study the investment markets and examine precisely what is out there. Our expertise was derived from the privilege of learning from the top performing investment styles, then placing into work refined judgment. We bring a Core-Satellite framework for our clients, using cutting edge intellectual property and technology to create tax efficient, diversified and dynamic portfolios [more…]


The Impact of Asset Allocation 

During the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), we experienced an extraordinary event never seen in most lifetimes. Read our insight as to what actually happened for the truly wealthy and well advised [more…]


Portfolio & Performance Artistry

The construction of investment portfolios can be seen as a science built upon academic as well as applied (real life) research coupled with investment experience and insight. Much focus is on fees and the majority of the bank owned wealth industry as well as numerous smaller players take an inherently biased, and in our opinion flawed approach to the construction of investment portfolios. We see the overall process as a form of art [more…]


Risk Management & Insurance

Our depth of experience and knowledge allows you to not only have the correct risk management (insurance) structures in place, but to also recommend and calculate the most appropriate levels of cover for your needs. Premiums as well as quality, features and benefits of each policy is considered prior to making any recommendations [more…]


Financial Analysis

We believe that good strategies need to be thought through strategically with consideration of your entire financial picture. To take this to a higher plateau, we then project your current versus suggested financial position into the future to provide a glimpse of where you will mostly be [more…]

Assets - accumulator

When you feel that you are ready to begin your journey, we welcome you to initiate contact.

Elixir Wealth Advisory Key Features Brochure

Elixir Wealth Advisory Full Brochure 2016

Elixir Wealth Advisory’s Wealth & Risk Management division is licensed as an Authorised Corporate Representative (1008303) under Dover Financial Advisers Pty Limited (AFSL number 307248)

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