Seamless, coherent & integrated 

Prominent advice is often formulated via adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to your finance. With this instance, there never is a compromise for what is most important to you.

Under a coherent approach, wealth planning decisions are assessed from every angle. We will verify that your debt management is not just a basic leverage policy, but also an arrangement that is tax practical. In our view, risk management is not just a ‘hedge’ for your investment ventures but also an evaluation of the tax effectiveness of your risk protection plans.

The intertwined circles illustrate the distinct and meaningful approach we take to your financial matters. 

We build strategies with your full picture in view. It is Our Philosophy and belief that a multi-forte methodology will take you to a higher plateau in a seamless and coherent manner.



Exclusive & Insightful

Exclusive – Elixir is a very boutique advisory firm catering to High-net-worth clients, Medical & Health professionals and Dentists. We are a privately owned practice and not aligned or influenced by any financial institutions. We believe, we have a very unique and practical offering for sophisticated clients.

Insightful – It is through our deep industry experience, research abilities, academic knowledge, leading intellectual property and thought processes that our views are formed. [read more]                                         


Awareness – We must engage our conscience

Elixir Wealth Advisory was founded for we had a purpose greater than ourselves. That not only obliges us to be honourable and upright but compels us to care for the greater good.  Everything that happens around us is the result of flow-on effects. As individuals, we believe in thoughtfulness, consideration and foresight. We therefore created an entity with a good sense of observation.

We do not just donate funds to charities for a tax deduction. We look delicately for causes that help relieve pain from fellow beings around us and bring hope to our society. At times we take personal charge of this and with our own judgement directly devote our time and finances to causes that we regard as effective and fostering for the well-being of the humankind.

We do not raise funds from any organisations, members of the public or our clients. All proceedings towards benevolent activities are privately funded by Elixir Wealth Advisory.

Elixir /ɪˈlɪksə,-sɪə/ .noun

1. A Magical or Medicinal Potion. 2. A preparation able to change metals into Gold – Oxford Dictionary

After accumulating considerable qualifications and experience in our respective fields, the founders of Elixir Wealth Advisory saw and felt the need for a far superior and more coherent financial services and private wealth management offering for Doctors, Dentists and other medical professionals.

We have created a prestigious firm to provide bespoke financial consulting specialising in Medical Professionals that is second to none in the today’s environment. The infiltration of the banks and major institutions dominating over 70% of the wealth advisory space has led in our opinion to be inherently biased, focused on product distribution that is driven by sales targets and shareholder returns with poor or non-existent service.

We have also seen firsthand, numerous non-institutionally aligned practices with lack of knowledge, thought processes, expertise, qualifications and competence where clients were left under-serviced and suffered from poor advice. Hence, we founded a practice with a unique capability of advice, institutional insight and wisdom to bring a collective and multi-disciplinary financial services offering for Doctors, Dentists and Surgeons.



Our Symbol

The monogram and character of Elixir Wealth Advisory’s trademark is influenced and inspired by several mythological and cultural elements. We gathered some of the most beautiful and classical pieces of human believes and ethos and adorned our sophisticated practice with this seal of testimony.


The Tree                    

The tree of life, Represents the immaculate state of humanity; the only one tree in Eden. In ancient Persia, it was believed as the tree, which bears all seeds – symbolises the hierarchical chain of events that brought everything into existence. Drawn on walls of fortresses, the tree of life demonstrated order and process – the sacred tree connecting all forms of creation – the tree of knowledge.

The Root

Speaks for our foundation and essence. It is the wealth of knowledge, experience, maturity and skills embedded deeply below our glorious and graceful glance, exemplifying our grounding.


The Wise Hoopoe 

Said: “The secrets of the Sun are yours, why you content yourself with motes trapped in beam.” – Attar

Originated and inspired from ‘La Conférence des oiseaux’ or Conference of the Birds, a poem by legendary Persian poet, Attar of Nishapour; the hoopoe embodies intelligence and foresight.

The story recounts the longing of a group of birds that desire to know their king. The hoopoe, the wisest of them all suggests that they should find the legendary Simorgh. “Si-morgh” the literal translation in Persian “thirty birds”.

The birds must cross seven valleys in order to find the Simorgh; Yearning, Love, Gnosis, Detachment, Unity of God, Bewilderment and lastly Selflessness.

Each bird has a special significance and represents a human fault, which prevents man from attaining enlightenment. The guiding bird is the hoopoe, while the nightingale symbolises the lover. The parrot is seeking the fountain of immortality, and the peacock represents the “fallen soul”.

Attar masterfully tells the reader the stories in captivating poetic style. When the group of “thirty birds” finally reach the dwelling place of the Simorgh, all they find is a lake in which they see their own reflection …

The Circles

Stands for the totality, wholeness and original perfection. It implies movement and cycle of timelessness noting our expertise will stand the test of time. Zero in our numbering system represents potential; our awareness (our eyes) to take in the expansiveness of the cycles in time. Sealed around the glorious tree of life, infers focus, nurturing, mobility and completion – cosmic and celestial.


The ‘E

And we placed that in the centre, of the very heart of these beautiful personas and emblems to denote excellence, elite, ethics, endowment, elegance and exclusivity – the Elixir.

Elixir Wealth Advisory Key Features Brochure

Elixir Wealth Advisory Full Brochure 2016

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